Can you trust a computer to help you recruit teachers?

Can you trust a computer to help you recruit teachers? Recruitment has traditionally been done on paper, and face-to-face. In fact, think back to the last time you recruited anyone, or found a job. It's likely that much of what you went through hasn't changed in decades. Yes, that paper document might have become a PDF, and the job ad might be on a website, but ultimately the process hasn't evolved. Until recently. With the march of the machines, the question is, can you trust a computer to help you recruit teachers? The answer is a resounding yes. [...]

What’s new in International School recruitment?

What's new in International School recruitment? International school recruitment has changed significantly in recent years. The changes are primarily in: Scale Complexity Timing Pace We look at what has driven these changes and how schools can catch up with the trends that have emerged. Times have changed. Recruitment needs to. How long have you been a teacher? Did you start with chalk: blackboards, or maybe greenboards. Was it a Whiteboard, or an interactive Whiteboard? Now, thinking about recruitment, did you apply for your first job with a paper CV? Perhaps you emailed it in to a [...]

Time to start recruiting | International School news

It's time to start recruiting. School recruitment is happening earlier and faster than ever before. Are you ready? Teachers looking for jobs in International Schools are ambitious, motivated, global, and online. At any time, it's likely that around 1 in 5 of the teachers in your international school are considering moving at the end of the year. The problem for International Schools is that this always-on, high-demand recruitment need isn't reflected in a lot of the pre-digital, old-fashioned recruitment methods. Recent research by the Council of British International Schools identified that 94% of school leaders find [...]

Save your International School money on recruitment

Save your International School money on recruitment Recruiting teaching staff has traditionally been expensive.  Too often in the past International Schools have needed to spend a fortune on staff recruitment. This puts pressure on limited budgets. We believe these recruitment costs can be invested better by each school into additional resources, equipment, facilities, training, and more teachers. In this article we review some of the legacy methods for recruiting international school teachers, and we look at why Searchality was created to make international school recruitment much more efficient and affordable. Do you know how much [...]

Save time recruiting for international schools

Save time recruiting for International Schools It can be extremely time-consuming recruiting for International Schools. If your international school needs to hire teachers, you probably already know the old-fashioned ways to find staff. You could travel across the globe to job fairs, you can post ads on job boards or your own website, but at the end of the day (or days!) you still end up in much the same position as someone recruiting 50 years ago. You write a job description; you receive applications; you wade through the applications trying to find the right person. (If you've [...]

Qualifications and Experience for Teaching in International Schools | Searchality’s members

The Qualifications and Experience of Searchality's members: a great fit for International School vacancies Searchality helps teachers find jobs in international schools worldwide. We work primarily with qualified, experienced teachers as most international schools do require 2+ years of experience to enable them to secure visas for new staff. (We are also delighted that increasingly international schools are looking to train up their own NQTs - as this will help to solve the ongoing pressures on teacher recruitment). Searchality's members are already based in almost every country around the world, are in teaching or admin/leadership positions, and have [...]

Why are there so many International Schools? What are the implications?

Why are there so many international schools, and what are the implications? Global demand for an International School education continues to grow rapidly. In this article we review: How many international schools there are What is driving the expansion of international schools What the implications are for school leaders and school developers How many International Schools are there? At the start of 2019 there were: More than 10,000 international schools Educating close to 6 million students Employing more than 1/2 million staff With US$50 billion in fee income As the [...]

Recruitment Reinvented. Why schools need another teacher recruitment solution

Do schools really need another teacher recruitment solution? (We think so!) Beth Owen, our CEO and co-founder, explains the thinking behind Searchality: how it is designed to be different and how it saves people time. (This article first appeared in the April 2019 edition of International Teacher Magazine) Why this, why me? I’m a grown-up TCK (Third Culture Kid). I’ve attended and worked in international schools and am married to a Principal who has worked at 9 international schools during his career. My husband and I have lived in 8 countries, and I have spent much more of [...]

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