Top reasons to teach abroad in an International School

Top reasons to teach abroad in an International School Moving abroad to teach in or lead a school can be an exciting, career-enhancing opportunity. It's not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, read on. Why do people move abroad to teach in an international school? Teachers move to international schools for a variety of reasons, but the top motivation is rarely just the career perspective. In a recent survey conducted in partnership with COBIS (full details here) people moved internationally for travel and enjoyment [...]

The ultimate guide to Podcasts for International School Teachers

The ultimate guide to Podcasts for International School Teachers Podcasting is booming and we want to make it easy for you to find the best podcasts for teachers. The first podcasts in the form we know them now probably started around 2004. The Apple iPod had been around for a few years, but on-demand radio-like audio was in its infancy. This 2004 article even debated what to call it (including Audioblogging and GuerillaMedia). If you're not already listening to a podcast, there are so many amazing topics to get you started! There are almost a [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Teachers

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Teachers We've been helping teachers, friends and colleagues use Twitter for some years now. Twitter is an incredibly valuable resource for Teachers Twitter is valuable, but we've seen that it's not always easy to get started. This is no surprise. Each year around 250 billion Tweets are sent. There are 350,000 tweets sent every hour. It's easy to get completely overloaded. To show the scale (and power) of Twitter, have a look at this visualization: logs all tweets over a 24 hour period. Click on the map [...]

Giving and receiving feedback after teaching applications and interviews

Giving and receiving feedback after teaching applications and interviews We saw a post on Twitter recently which made us want to comment here. As demand for international school teachers continues to grow, and great teachers build their careers worldwide, we believe it's vital that schools find better ways to identify, engage, and recruit their future talent. Feedback from schools after applications and after interviews is critical. Too many fall even at this first hurdle, as this tweet indicates: An unhappy tweet from someone suffering from old-style school recruitment approaches Just looking at a job ad. It says ‘due [...]

Qualifications and Experience for Teaching in International Schools | Searchality’s members

The Qualifications and Experience of Searchality's members: a great fit for International School vacancies Searchality helps teachers find jobs in international schools worldwide. We work primarily with qualified, experienced teachers as most international schools do require 2+ years of experience to enable them to secure visas for new staff. (We are also delighted that increasingly international schools are looking to train up their own NQTs - as this will help to solve the ongoing pressures on teacher recruitment). Searchality's members are already based in almost every country around the world, are in teaching or admin/leadership positions, and have [...]

Top tips to ace your next phone interview | Teaching jobs

Top tips to ace your next phone interview for a teaching job Teaching in International Schools can be very rewarding personally and professionally. You get to experience a new country, culture, and meet a fantastic array of people. Of course, since many international school jobs may be not in your current country, you should prepare for interviews by phone and by Skype. For many positions that will be everything. For senior positions (or if you live locally) then a traditional face-to-face interview is likely too. Get the basics right A phone interview [...]

The ultimate guide to International School interview questions | Free ebook

The ultimate guide to International School interview questions At Searchality we want to connect great international schools with great international school teachers. Part of that process involves finding jobs, and candidates. (Read more about how we do that here). Another critical element of any recruitment process is the interview stage. To help we have prepared our ultimate guide to International School interview questions. We have collated years of accumulated wisdom, with helpful, challenging and relevant interview questions. If you are doing the interviewing, we hope some of these questions help you and your colleagues to prioritize the questions [...]

Why are there so many International Schools? What are the implications?

Why are there so many international schools, and what are the implications? Global demand for an International School education continues to grow rapidly. In this article we review: How many international schools there are What is driving the expansion of international schools What the implications are for school leaders and school developers How many International Schools are there? At the start of 2019 there were: More than 10,000 international schools Educating close to 6 million students Employing more than 1/2 million staff With US$50 billion in fee income As the [...]

Which countries need International School teachers?

Which countries need international school teachers? Increasing numbers of teachers are looking to work overseas, or to continue their existing international school career with a move to a new country. Here we have a brief look at the growth of international schools, and below is the top 10 list of the current top countries for international schools. How many international schools are there? In the last two decades, the number of international schools globally has increased 4 times. According to data from ISC Research, there are now: more than 10,000 international schools half a million staff teaching [...]

Recruitment Reinvented. Why schools need another teacher recruitment solution

Do schools really need another teacher recruitment solution? (We think so!) Beth Owen, our CEO and co-founder, explains the thinking behind Searchality: how it is designed to be different and how it saves people time. (This article first appeared in the April 2019 edition of International Teacher Magazine) Why this, why me? I’m a grown-up TCK (Third Culture Kid). I’ve attended and worked in international schools and am married to a Principal who has worked at 9 international schools during his career. My husband and I have lived in 8 countries, and I have spent much more of [...]

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