The beauty of using Searchality to find your next role is that you can specify exactly which regions or countries you would like to work in. (You can see a map showing the global reach of our current membership here).

So, whether you want to find a teaching job in Europe, the Middle East or Asia, or a leadership role in Dubai, Singapore, or Rome, you can tell us. If you are qualified to teach French and want to go to Africa, or you coach tennis and want to run the sports in Bangkok, you are in control.

If you haven’t created your profile yet, you can register free. Then, when you’re editing your profile, go to the Areas of Interest section and choose any that apply.

When schools are looking for candidates, they will filter based on your areas of interest. Obviously the broader your geographic selection, the more chance of being matched for a role.

If you’d like to know more about how Searchality helps schools and staff, have a look here, or get in contact with us below.