Many schools value teaching partners, and see this is an asset for building a strong community at the school, as well as being helpful on accommodation planning. You can provide the details of your spouse in your profile creation. For your spouse’s full profile to be viewable by a school, they will need to sign up as well.

Schools generally look first to hire the ‘right’ candidate, regardless of marital status or partner’s occupation.
There is no guarantee that both of you will be able to find roles at the same school in the same year.
You may like to consider which countries you are targetting. Those with a higher number of international schools may offer the best options.
You can specify your country preferences in your profile.

Be aware that:
– not all countries recognise same gender marriages despite their status in your home country
– common-law or civil unions are also not recognised by some countries, and might present challenges for visas and accommodation arrangements

Schools will be taking visa requirement criteria into account to not waste your time (or theirs) if there is a criteria requirement that you can’t meet for some reason. Any match that you receive will have already factored this in based on the details you entered in your profile.