Schools can sign in at then go to the “Matches” section of your dashboard.

On the matching dashboard we only show you the people that fit the Positions you have already described. We do not overwhelm recruiting teams with huge lists of teachers. We refine the list to increase your chance of finding the right person. We do this to make the process faster and simpler for everyone concerned.

We know that teachers find it frustrating sending off applications and never getting replies. We know that big schools receive literally thousands of applications with no time to filter and reply to all

Advanced machine learning and intelligence can help everyone involved. Our bespoke Searchality matching solutions find the shortlist for schools.

Schools will receive the shortlist showing the level of match (vacancy requirements vs teacher profile): at this point you can review all the shortlisted candidates and invite as many or as few as you like to interview.

There are NO hiring fees, regardless of how many teachers you recruit as a result of this matching. See more about our simple charging approach here. The first step is to enter your school’s profile & hiring needs. If you haven’t done that yet, register now. It’s free and simple.