The only time that schools get to see a list of candidates is when a candidate “matches” for a possible position. Schools cannot simply browse a complete list of candidates registered with Searchality. (In other words, schools see suitable candidate only if the combination of skills, interests, and experience match what the school needs for a vacancy).

We have designed the system so that candidates should not match with any position at their current school of employment. This is to protect your confidentiality as a candidate. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your school will never discover that you are looking for a role via Searchality, we have designed our systems to aim to ensure this does not happen.

For example:
School A is advertising a job. Candidate is working for School A. Even though the Candidate is in every other detail a perfect match for the role, s/he will not be presented as a match and School A will not be shown any details of Candidate.  Based on user feedback, we will also introduce optional additions in future versions, allowing candidates to list schools that they don’t want to match with (e.g. past employers etc.).

If you need any more advice on this, please do contact us on the link below.