How is Searchality different from traditional school recruitment solutions?

We've designed Searchality to be different so that we can properly solve the many problems of current international school recruitment. If you've ever looked for a teaching job abroad, or tried to find suitable staff for a role in your school, you already know some of the challenges. Find out more and have a look at how we've solved these problems for candidates and for schools.

Which countries does Searchality work in?

Searchality works globally. Whether you're recruiting for a secondary school in Thailand, or a teacher looking for work in the Middle East, a PYP coordinator looking for a new IB role in Asia, or an Australian PE teacher moving to Europe, it's likely we can help! You can see the global reach of our membership here. Because we work around the world, we can help to match great teachers to great schools anywhere. For a teacher this makes it simple to find the perfect job for you. For schools we remove the complexity of finding and filtering the best [...]

Who created Searchality?

Searchality was created by three friends with significant experience of international schools. We built the company to help teachers, staff and international schools. It matters to our family, our friends, and our children to help motivated schools find the right teachers. Find out more about us

Can I work with Searchality?

We’d love to hear from you! Do contact us. You can read more about the founding team here (three friends keen to solve a problem for schools and teachers). If we’re not recruiting right now, it might simply be that we haven’t realised what value you could add. Do get in contact. We love talking to inspiring people. Who knows where it might lead.

How can I access the site? Do you have an app?

We have built our website so that you can access it from mobile phones, tablets or computers. We do think you will find it easier to enter your information and create your profile using a larger screen and keyboard (i.e. a computer). However, any notifications (for example when there are matches to review) will come to your normal email address and you can open them on your phone. We all love apps though, and plan to make a specific phone app available in the coming year. (If you have a specific need and want us to ensure we build it into [...]

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