Do I need a degree to teach at international schools?

Different schools and countries will have different requirements. However, it will be virtually impossible to get a job in an international school without a relevant degree or teaching certification: either the school will require one, or the country will require one for you to qualify for a visa. Some schools or countries may accept non-teaching degrees, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to be a native English speaker to teach abroad?

The majority of international schools around the world use English as the primary language. Fluent English is therefore almost always a requirement. Native English speaking is generally only a requirement for teaching the English language. Unless you are employed to teach a specific language (French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.) it is likely you will need to be fluent in English. You can add all your language capabilities in your profile, and schools will search for the language skills they need. If you haven’t signed up to create a profile, just click here. It’s easy and free to get started. [...]

Does Searchality work for all types of curriculum?

We are 100% international, including any curricula taught within international schools. When you create your candidate profile, you will see that you can enter all the curricula you have experience with. Schools can search for teachers based on their teaching and curriculum backgrounds. When you are matched with schools, you will also be able to clearly see what curricula they teach (by division) and opt out of a match if you are not interested in that school. So whether you teach in the British, IB, American, Canadian. Montessori or any other curriculum, Searchality can help Schools to find you, [...]

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