What benefits are likely?

Most international schools will include the following benefits in the packages. Exact details will vary by school. Flights to your home country once a year for your and your accompanying family Medical insurance Income tax is sometimes paid on your behalf Tuition for some or all of your accompanying children Professional development Accommodation can be included, but not always, either in the form of an allowance or in school owned/leased properties Sometimes this is exclusively for your use, and sometimes shared. Shared accommodation can be a great way to form friendships especially if you are new to the country [...]

Will the school pay for my children to attend?

Most international schools will provide free or subsidised education for the children of their teaching staff. There are frequently some criteria or limits to this (e.g. age of children, number of children per teacher etc.) Specific detail for this and other benefits will be available for any school with whom you 'match' for a position. You can confirm your family structure in your profile. If you haven’t signed up to create a profile, just click here. It’s easy and free to get started.

Who pays for flights to the new school?

Payment for flights varies from school to school. It is possible that the new school will fly you and your accompanying family members from your current country to the new country. They are likely to include a limited shipment or allowance (by sea or similar – depending on distance) for your personal belongings. You can clarify these details when you interview with the school after successfully matching their requirements.

How much holiday will I get?

Schools will clearly state the mandatory contact days, non-contact days, and leave allowances (holiday, personal, sick, bereavement etc.). The variations will be based around local country laws and practices, as well as the school’s own policies. This information will be available for any school with whom you 'match' for a position. Senior management and administrative staff will generally have a higher number of working days per year than teachers. Your school will be able to confirm this for you very early in the recruitment process.

Will schools provide medical insurance?

Most schools will provide private medical insurance as well as a number of other valuable benefits for you and your accompanying family members. Specific detail for this and for other benefits will be available for any school with whom you 'match' for a position.

My spouse teaches too. What impact does that have?

Many schools value teaching partners, and see this is an asset for building a strong community at the school, as well as being helpful on accommodation planning. You can provide the details of your spouse in your profile creation. For your spouse's full profile to be viewable by a school, they will need to sign up as well. Schools generally look first to hire the 'right' candidate, regardless of marital status or partner’s occupation. There is no guarantee that both of you will be able to find roles at the same school in the same year. You may like [...]

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