The ultimate guide to International School interview questions

At Searchality we want to connect great international schools with great international school teachers. Part of that process involves finding jobs, and candidates. (Read more about how we do that here). Another critical element of any recruitment process is the interview stage.

To help we have prepared our ultimate guide to International School interview questions. We have collated years of accumulated wisdom, with helpful, challenging and relevant interview questions.

If you are doing the interviewing, we hope some of these questions help you and your colleagues to prioritize the questions that are most important for your school and this position. If you are being interviewed, thinking through your skills, attitudes and accomplishments in advance will help you to present yourself well.

International school interviews – the major topic areas

It’s likely that any interview will cover a range of areas, including the candidate’s personality, motivation, ‘fit’, experience, and skills.

We have broken our guide into 10 sections:

  1. Teaching

  2. Relationships and Discipline

  3. Personality and fit

  4. International

  5. Differentiation

  6. Curricula

  7. Planning and Preparation

  8. This school

  9. Leadership

  10. Questions for ‘us’

(If you’re preparing for a Leadership interview, you might also want to read our review of the skills and capabilities needed to be a great international school leader).

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