It can be extremely time-consuming recruiting for International Schools. If your international school needs to hire teachers, you probably already know the old-fashioned ways to find staff. You could travel across the globe to job fairs, you can post ads on job boards or your own website, but at the end of the day (or days!) you still end up in much the same position as someone recruiting 50 years ago.

You write a job description; you receive applications; you wade through the applications trying to find the right person.

(If you’ve visited this page and are already set to create your school’s recruitment account, it takes 30 seconds here. If you want to see how else you can save time with international school recruitment, read on).

A new, faster way to recruit international school teachers

It really struck me that so much more could be done: getting the right teachers paired up with the right international school vacancies, quickly

When we created Searchality it was out of first-hand knowledge of the frustration with the old-fashioned recruitment methods. (Read more here about why Searchality was built).

International Schools deserve a better solution for recruitment. If you’re a school principal, a department head, or responsible for human resources and the school’s recruitment, you already know how time-consuming it can be. We’ve designed Searchality to save international schools time and make it faster to recruit. (In the past, recruitment has also been expensive – but that’s another story, for which we also have a solution!)

Solve the problem of getting too many ill-fitting applications

It can be hard to find the right person to hire when looking through hundreds of applicationsWe know that large, popular international schools in top destinations, can receive literally hundreds of applications for each teaching vacancy.

Add to that the problem that schools typically have between 15-25% of staff leaving each year, and the pile of applications is massive, unwieldy, and virtually impossible to process.

Schools need to find a way to:

  • clearly define the skills, experience, visa suitability (often nationality, age, country of origin) of candidates
  • identify a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • read comprehensive blind references for candidates

At Searchality we believe that schools should be able to spend time getting to know and interviewing a shortlist of suitable candidates. We don’t think your time is well-spent jetting across the world to recruitment fairs, or looking through hundreds of differently-formatted references and resumes.

It needs to be simple: Define, Compare, Contact.

Define your needs

With a Searchality account, you can define exactly what you need. Within minutes we share a shortlist of suitable candidates with you.

Easily compare candidate profiles

You are in complete, virtually instant control of your applications!

For every candidate we share with you, you can immediately see what they teach, where they are, how much experience they have. They can share a photo and a video with you. And we only show you candidates who already have at least 2 references on file.

Schools can specify the core skills (for example X years of experience) but also ‘nice-to-have’ capabilities (perhaps language skills, or ability to coach clubs or teams). We show you a degree of matching and you can filter from the 100% club or broaden to other interesting potential candidates.

You always see a shortlist – a meaningful list of only those candidates that fit your job requirements.

And if you decide you’re seeing too many or too few candidates, you can instantly edit your requirements and we’ll update you with a new batch of great candidates.

One-click to contact

As soon as you’re ready you can click to invite some or all of them for interview. You get to decide when, but first we also give the candidate the chance to review your school and the job description. This also saves you time: you only need to interview the people who also like what you can offer them.

Recruit experienced, qualified teachers for your International School

Searchality works with teachers in virtually every country around the world

Recent users

Searchality’s teachers are well qualified, with years of experience.

Searchality member qualifications

Searchality member years of experience

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Accessing Searchality’s global database is simple. You just need to register your school here, and in a few minutes you can define what you’re looking for. We then share with you the best global candidates from our database

Recruit international school teachers even if your school or location are less well-known

We know that big, popular schools can waste a lot of time wading through irrelevant job applications. If you receive 200 applications for even only 20 jobs, you still have 4000 CVs to filter!

However, we also respect that smaller, new schools or schools in less familiar destinations can spend a lot of time (and money) trying to recruit great teaching staff for key vacancies.

Searchality is also helping smaller schools to save time on teacher recruitment. We treat your job requirements with a high priority too. Our algorithms will match up suitable teachers with your school virtually instantly. We let teachers define which countries they would work in (and the majority of teachers, especially younger ones, tend to choose almost every country in the world). So, even if you’re not in the top city, or are a new school without much of an online profile yet, you can still find staff efficiently.

Review, Compare, and Contact candidates quickly and easily

As you can see in the video above, it’s simple to define who you are looking for. With easy drag-and-drop interfaces, schools can define (and endless refine) their recruitment criteria for each position. It’s easy to specify curricula taught, years of experience, languages, sports, clubs, family structure – in fact almost anything you need can be clearly defined in a position description.

Once you see the shortlist, the same powerful simplicity applies. (Watch the video above to see it in action).

Complete information helps you decide faster

A Searchality profile allows you to see the candidate’s

  • Job history and work experience
  • Qualifications
  • Interests/hobbies/sports/clubs – that they can help with
  • Languages (and fluency level)
  • Countries of interest
  • References
  • Photo
  • Video

You can filter on critical criteria (such as age or years of experience).

One head teacher we spoke to was looking to hire some primary school teachers:

With this information it feels as if I'm only 5 minutes away from being able to offer a job!

A faster solution for international school recruitment

We’ve built Searchality to be fast:

  • Fast to create an account (here)
  • Fast to drag-and-drop requirements for each teaching/admin job
  • Fast to see a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • Fast to edit any job criteria
  • Fast (one-click) to invite candidates for interview. [Read our interview advice for candidates here]

On top of this, there are no hiring fees or job ad fees, just a low annual account fee.

Ready to set up your account? If you like, we can help you get started. Let us know here.


The smarter, simpler approach to hiring

For schools, Searchality helps find the best global talent for international school jobs worldwide. Read more about how we’ve transformed recruitment for schools.

If you’d like to know more about how we’ve built Searchality to make the search for a new school job much simpler, faster, and better, read more about how we help candidates.

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