Recruiting teaching staff has traditionally been expensive.  Too often in the past International Schools have needed to spend a fortune on staff recruitment. This puts pressure on limited budgets.

We believe these recruitment costs can be invested better by each school into additional resources, equipment, facilities, training, and more teachers.

In this article we review some of the legacy methods for recruiting international school teachers, and we look at why Searchality was created to make international school recruitment much more efficient and affordable.

Do you know how much money your school spent on recruitment last year?

International school recruitment has traditionally been extremely expensive. We don’t know how much your school spent on recruitment last year, but we’ll have a guess. This isn’t a random guess. Part of the reason we created Searchality is because we personally understand how much schools have to invest (time and money) into recruitment and we know there’s a better way.

€100,000 in fees

That's how much one small school group spent last year on recruitment fees and expenses (before using Searchality)

This is the money your school might also have lost due to recruitment costs last year

Here are some of the ways that international schools have historically recruited staff:

International School recruitment should NOT be expensive

Schools have been losing huge amounts on traditional recruitment fees

Attending a job search fair

  • School membership €2k
  • Attendance of 3 senior staff at a fair = €1k-€10k (depending on flights, hotels, and duration of stay)
  • Hiring success fee = €2k – €3k for every new staff member
  • Total cost of recruitment of 10 staff via job search fairs: €10-15k

Fees for traditional recruitment agencies

  • 15% of new starter salary. (could be €4k-15k depending on seniority, per person)

Job advert boards

  • Potentially €1k per job ad, though reduced for volume. Total could be €5k

Even some smaller schools have been losing €20,000 – €50,000 on recruitment fees, interview staff travel costs, and job ads.

Searchality can save your school a small fortune

At Searchality we believe this money should be invested in teachers, children, and resources, not in high cost corporate recruitment models.

Searchality has been built to bring modern technology to replace the outdated recruitment models plaguing international school recruitment. Costs are deliberately low and will stay that way. (And we provide virtually-instant candidate shortlisting in a fast, simple, and flexible way, so you save money and time).

Your school’s recruitment fees at Searchality:

  • Job adverts = €0
  • Hiring fees = €0
  • Annual account fee, from €400

Total cost to hire all your new staff with Searchality: €400

That's it. No ad fees. No hiring fees

What could your school buy with an extra €20,000 a year?

International schools have large revenues, but most of any school’s costs are on staff salaries.

If a school loses, say, €20,000 a year on recruitment costs (lost, paid to agencies, and never seen again), that covers a huge amount of other resources.

As an example, the average book for schools costs around €5:

4000 extra books for your school each year

Save money on lost recruitment fees and invest in the resources your school needs, from books, STEM equipment, sports

Reinvest your recruitment savings

Searchality can save schools huge amounts of money vs traditional recruitment models (of high agency fees, large job ad costs, and expensive hiring charges).

With these savings you can reinvest your money in equipment and resources. But you can also invest in improving your staff selection and retention.

The quality of a school never exceeds the quality of its staff 

(Rosamund Marshall, former CEO Taaleem)

Imagine if your school now had additional budget to:

  • Bring the top 4 – 5 shortlisted candidates to your school for a visit and face-to-face final interview
  • Invest in additional staff training and CPD
  • Focus on retaining your best teachers with the resources available to meet their needs

Read more about recruitment, retention, and development in this article:

What does it take to become a successful international school leader?

Recruit experienced, qualified teachers for your International School

You never pay any job ad fees to Searchality and pay no hiring fees. Your total costs are just limited to the low annual fee (starting at just €400). The savings for your school vs traditional recruitment models can be invested into extra resources for your school. At Searchality we believe that’s the way it should be. And you still get access, virtually instantly to a global database of skilled, experienced teachers.

Searchality works with teachers in virtually every country around the world

Recent users

Searchality’s teachers are well qualified, with years of experience.

Searchality member qualifications

Searchality member years of experience

Profile of Searchality members where they have shared this information

Accessing Searchality’s global database is simple. You just need to register your school here, and in a few minutes you can define what you’re looking for. We then share with you the best global candidates from our database.

Affordable, and fast

Searchality saves your school money. We also built Searchality to be fast:

  • Fast to create an account (here)
  • Fast to drag-and-drop requirements for each teaching/admin job
  • Fast to see a shortlist of suitable candidates
  • Fast to edit any job criteria
  • Fast (one-click) to invite candidates for interview.

Click here to find out how we also save schools time in their recruitment processes

Save money for your school with Searchality international school recruitment

International school recruitment no longer needs to suffer from high fees. At Searchality we have built a better solution.  You save money which you can reinvest in your school, and we share global candidates with you in a simple-to-use shortlist. It’s the way recruitment should be.

If you make decisions about your school’s recruitment and need to hire teachers or leaders this year, we’d love to hear from you. Get in contact and we can help you get setup fast (with no fees!).

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