It’s time to start recruiting.

School recruitment is happening earlier and faster than ever before. Are you ready?

Teachers looking for jobs in International Schools are ambitious, motivated, global, and online. At any time, it’s likely that around 1 in 5 of the teachers in your international school are considering moving at the end of the year.

The problem for International Schools is that this always-on, high-demand recruitment need isn’t reflected in a lot of the pre-digital, old-fashioned recruitment methods.

Recent research by the Council of British International Schools identified that 94% of school leaders find staff recruitment “challenging”.

COBIS’ Teacher Supply report identified that, not only are a huge majority of leaders facing this challenge, 90% also find it hard to recruit candidates of the required calibre.

It’s clear that new solutions to these problems are required and here’s the quick read: schools can and should embrace modern recruitment strategies. These enable you to reach and filter more candidates in a faster, simpler, lower cost way.

45 minutes to find qualified candidates. See how.

It’s great news that International Schools are growing and expanding around the world. This trend is unlikely to diminish any time soon.

However, with at least 300,000 more teachers needed for these schools in the next decade, it’s a competitive marketplace. Demand from schools massively exceeds current Supply of qualified teachers.

Therefore your school needs to find ways to attract the best candidates at any time. And you need it to be simple and manageable for your staff, and affordable for your budgets.

If you’re still using the same recruitment methods as you were 5 years ago, you’re missing out.

Recruitment starts earlier

Recruitment starts earlier than it used to.

International School teachers often choose to (and need to) plan a long way ahead. Some of our members discuss roles with us to start in 2 years’ time. They want to assess suitable countries, cities, and schools for themselves, roles for their partners, and education for their children. As you know if you’ve juggled all of these: it can be hard. Preparation pays off!

All of this means that teachers start researching well in advance of a new job’s start date.

It has also led to recruitment timelines continually speeding up: because some schools are hiring sooner, other schools start hiring sooner. What used to happen in the first few months of the year, now often starts well before the end of it.  Recruitment no longer has ‘seasons’ but is year-round.

There are multiple ways of reaching out to candidates. It’s no longer enough to fly to expensive job fairs, place high-priced ‘newspaper’ ads, or list a job on your website. It’s better to explore newer options too. You need a fast, always-on solution that has global coverage in a way that agencies and fairs don’t. Think digital.

Recruitment opportunities happen all the time

Recruitment not only peaks much sooner than it used to. It’s also always on. Candidates are interested in your school at any time of year. The problem with old-fashioned recruitment methods is that they can use up lots of your time or your money.

Your recruitment/HR staff at school are likely overwhelmed by applications. Do you have one of those automated messages on your HR email addresses: “We’ll only reply to you if you’re successful”? Is that the first message you want your potential recruits to see? The problem is that you can’t respond to all the tentative applications. We know: a lot of speculative applications are not relevant for you.

Or if you’re placing ads in recruitment publications or visiting fairs, these traditional methods are expensive! You can only afford to do it for limited periods of time. But your potential candidates are global, online, and looking at any time.

You need to add in an always-on solution.

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Add simplicity

If you are still using one of the traditional recruitment methods (fairs, job boards, your own website) you may think that adding another digital solution adds complexity. However, if you pick the right one it adds simplicity.

The best digital solutions have vacancy and candidate tracking, comprehensive candidate profiles with references, photos and videos, saved talent pools, and one-click access to request an interview.

Compare this with the old-fashioned methods: wading through individual CVs, trying to get past recruiter gate-keepers, or having to schedule interviews on someone else’s terms.

In today’s digital world, schools must evolve how they hire – or risk getting left behind.

Dr. Kevin J. Ruth, Executive Director, Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS) asked for his "biggest piece of advice for school leaders who feel their recruitment strategy is inadequate"

Hire faster and smarter

You need an always-on, low cost, smart recruitment solution.

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