We saw a post on Twitter recently which made us want to comment here.

As demand for international school teachers continues to grow, and great teachers build their careers worldwide, we believe it’s vital that schools find better ways to identify, engage, and recruit their future talent. Feedback from schools after applications and after interviews is critical. Too many fall even at this first hurdle, as this tweet indicates:

An unhappy tweet from someone suffering from old-style school recruitment approaches

Just looking at a job ad.

It says ‘due to number of applications we receive we will be unable to contact all applicants who are not to be interviewed.’

That’s just poor manners, takes a minute to send a generic no thanks email to somebody who has taken the time to apply.

May 2019 comment from an International School teacher. (Not a comment on a Searchality.com job).

Searchality’s teacher recruitment approach includes feedback at each key stage of the process

The first thing to say about this is that we recognise the problem in the tweet above. It’s because of this that we created Searchality, designed to solve these kinds of issues for teachers and schools:

Teachers and Schools have faced issues from old-style recruitment approaches.

Teachers are rightly frustrated that they don’t know when or if their application is being reviewed. Schools (the lucky ones with lots of applications) are frustrated and overworked because it might be that they receive 1000s of applications, only a handful of which match a vacancy they’re filling.

Later in the process it’s not uncommon for a teacher to be interviewed, but then wait ages before they hear more from the school. From the school’s perspective this can partly be because they are lining up a range of teachers for interviews on different days and it takes time to make a decision. But teachers deserve to know what the process is going to be. (We discussed this problem in an interview in April 2019’s edition of International Teacher Magazine: Recruitment reimagined)

Traditional job applications take time

The problem in the past has been that each school devises its own form, its own application, and its own application hurdles.

If you are a teacher looking for a job, it’s a major commitment to sit down and tailor each of these submissions. At Searchality we have built a solution that removes these barriers. One profile can lead you to every suitable job worldwide.

Schools receive hundreds of applications

From the school’s perspective, it has also been traditionally hard to manage the flood of applications. When we were interviewing school heads and HR teams as we built Searchality, we heard their issues: often there are 80% of applications that simply don’t fit a current vacancy.

overwhelmed with piles of paperIf you’re a busy school or group of schools, recruiting for even only 20 positions, but receive 200 applications for each: you face a wall of 4000 resumes to sift through.

At Searchality, we built a solution where it’s simple for schools to define the necessary criteria for each role. Whether it’s curriculum, years of experience, family structure, language capabilities, club coaching, or many more – in a simple drag and drop interface it takes moments to define the perfect candidate.

Searchality finds suitable jobs for candidates in a smarter simpler way

There are broadly 4 stages to a Searchality job application

  1. School and Candidate define their needs
  2. Searchality finds suitable options virtually instantly
  3. Schools and Candidates review each other’s profiles
  4. Interviews are arranged and feedback is given!

Schools and Candidates define their needs

We’ve made it simple for everyone to define exactly what’s needed.

Using simple drag-and-drop interfaces, schools can define (and endless refine) their recruitment criteria for each position. It’s easy to specify curricula taught, years of experience, languages, sports, clubs, family structure – in fact almost anything you need can be clearly defined in a position description. (See how we help schools).

For teachers the same simplicity applies. Once you’ve filled in details of your experience, you can clarify where you’d like to teach, what age/grade, what subjects and what else you can bring to the position.

Once you’ve defined this once, we scour the globe to find great people to fill rewarding jobs.

Virtually instant matching

As soon as a profile is updated or edited, our algorithms get to work. Because we understand what teachers are looking for, and what schools need, we have trained our research tools to rapidly find the right matches.

Virtually instantly we let schools and candidates know if there’s a suitable match out there.

Searchality's personalized short-lists accurately match your needs.

No more wasted time where applications or vacancies are irrelevant. Because the short-list is based on each candidate's profile and the school's needs, everyone can focus on discussion and interview, not on application and paperwork processes.

Schools instantly get to see the candidate’s full profile: what they’ve taught, where they’ve taught, at least 2 references, and the exact reasons they match the vacancy you’ve defined.

We also alert candidate’s that they are on a school’s shortlist. Because the school hasn’t yet had time to review every candidate, we don’t share full details of the role, but do let you know what the job is and where it is. Full details will follow soon:

Connecting teachers to jobs

Schools get to decide how to follow up with each candidate. For some maybe they’re not really a match (so the school can redefine the vacancy to find more of the best people for it). For others, they can take various actions. (Here‘s what we send to schools as soon as they find new candidates)

See international school jobsFor Candidates, if the school is no longer interested, we remove that vacancy from your pending page. We know it’s important to know which jobs are possible for you, and which are not going to happen. The great news is that as soon as the school expresses an interest, we email candidates to let them know. At this point the full details are shared – the school, the position, the teaching load, the benefits, etc. Candidates are then in control! Do you like the sound of this and want to accept their interview request. Or would you like to reject the interest.

We follow up promptly with schools and candidates to ensure that each side keeps the other informed during this process.

Interview feedback

Feedback following interviews is critical for schools and for teachers.

We have designed the process with Searchality so that feedback is captured from both sides. If a candidate rejects an offer from a school after interview, the school needs to understand why. Are other schools offering better benefits? (It is increasingly demanding finding enough international school teachers worldwide). Did the candidate already accept another offer?

For candidates, they want to hear back. It might be that they were a brilliant option, but just beaten by another person. Honest, enthusiastic feedback can make all the difference. Or perhaps the teacher is still relatively young and inexperienced. What could they do differently to learn more and impress more at their next interview? (In case it helps, we’ve pulled together a list of interview questions that any school or candidate might want to think through. You can download the free ebook here).

Searchality captures and shares feedback promptly with schools and candidates

Collecting and sharing feedback is critical to help everyone develop

Most importantly, as a school you want every interviewee to be an ambassador for your school. They might not have got the job, they might not be right (or not right, right now) but you want them to leave thinking, “I really like that school. I’m sorry I didn’t get that job

Managing the candidate’s experience through the selection process is an important part of the selection task and one that everyone involved (from HR assistant, to head of school) can positively influence!

A better solution for school recruitment

As you know, the great thing about International Schools is that they are a worldwide community and we’re in it to support each other.

A potential candidate today could easily be a colleague on the other side of the world tomorrow.

We’ve written elsewhere about what it takes to be a successful leader of an international school. If you’re leading a school, it’s worth checking how your HR department application or email auto-reply expresses itself. If the first thing you say to most of your future teachers is “We will be unable to reply to you” that’s not necessarily the personality that your school wants to project. If you need a better solution for recruitment that saves your school time and money and finds you the perfect candidates, we’d love to have a chat about how we could help you.

Coming back to the tweet above that inspired our page here, it’s beyond ‘good manners’ to follow up on applications and interviews. It’s critical to the successful growth of international schools.


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