An International school recruitment platform, with special discount pricing for ECIS member schools.


We match international schools with qualified candidates using our purpose-built platform.

We work globally to find the best teachers, leaders and specialists worldwide. You can find out how we help schools here.


Our prices are low, and simple.

As well as changing how recruitment works, we have transformed pricing. There are no job ad fees, per-candidate hiring fees, or other excessive costs. You simply pay for the number of account users your school needs. If you are recruiting for one school, you can find out more here (or click here if you need to recruit for multiple schools in a group)

Get free account users as an ECIS member.

High quality schools associations have an important role to play in the international school community.  Therefore, we are recognizing ECIS and its members by offering an additional (free) Admin level user when you sign up with Searchality.  This additional user can help you manage your recruitment workflows across your HR and leadership teams.

At Searchality our recruitment approach offers a smarter, simpler, more valuable solution for international schools.

Sign up as an ECIS* member and as well as our standard free trial, we also give you a second admin user for your membership year totally free.


Our members are global

As with ECIS, our members are truly global with users in more than 130 countries during the last year (and more joining all the time).

Users in the last year

Please do explore our site to find out more about how Searchality can help you. When you are ready, come back here and start your free trial. As you’ll discover on our pricing page, the trial is fully functional (with no limitations on creating position descriptions, or hiring staff) and totally free!



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* Not an ECIS member yet? You can join ECIS here. To find out if Searchality has any special arrangements for your school or association, please do contact us.

After your free trial, as part of your ECIS membership we will give you 1 additional user free with your paid subscription for your first membership year. Learn more about our simple per-user pricing on our pricing pages.