We have transformed international school recruitment costs with low annual fees and no additional per-candidate hiring costs.


Create an account for your school with 1 Admin user for €400/year.

Add additional users simply. 


After creating your account with one primary user you can add as many others as you need. There are two types of user account: Administrators (who can do everything) and General Users (who can see information but cannot change it).

Your user account costs are your only costs. There are no surprises and no hidden extras. With Searchality, you never need to pay for job advert costs, hiring costs, job fairs, or other excessive costs. Simply choose the number of users you need (from 1 or more) and everything else is included.


€400/year – Start with 1 main account Administrator

Each school needs at least 1  Admin user to manage your account and profile. If one user is all you want, then your annual fee to Searchality is €400 total. There are no additional fees for hiring. Zero.


€250/year – additional Administrator users

You can add Admin users to the account at your school to share the responsibility of creating and editing positions and of managing your candidate matches. Each additional admin user is only charged €250 per user per year


€100/year – general users

These users can review (but not edit or create) job descriptions, and see the candidate matches relevant to them.  You can easily add general users at €100 per user per year.

See € pricing in your local currency: XE Euro currency converter

If you’re in Europe we also have to charge you VAT at your local rate.

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You can try all of this completely free, with zero risk. During the trial period you have full access to all of Searchality’s global recruitment capabilities. You can create job postings, you can review candidate profiles, you can contact and interview candidates and you can hire. All of this is completely free. You can also add as many additional users as you’d like (for free) so that you and your colleagues can fully understand how we work.

We are so confident that you’ll prefer this approach to recruitment that we want you to experience it. At the end of the free trial, we will write to notify you. You can then choose how many users you want to keep managing your account in future. All of your job postings and candidate matchings will remain available after the trial period. In the unlikely event you don’t like our smart, simple and affordable approach to school recruitment, you can delete your account completely.


What’s the difference between a School Admin user and a General user

  • School Admins have the ability to add or delete users, and control your account’s payments to us.
  • School Admins can create and manage the available position descriptions, and view/manage all candidate matches
  • General users can see/review positions and also see and review candidate matches as invited by an Admin in your school.  They cannot create or edit positions.
  • Every school account starts with 1 School Admin user.

How does the annual fee work?

Our annual fees run for 12 months from your start date. Users added throughout the year will only be charged to you at a pro rata basis (so if you start your paid account on 1st August but pay to add extra users on 1st February, you would only pay 6/12 of their annual fee. Your full set of user accounts will then renew on the anniversary of your start date). If users leave your school you can replace them at no extra cost.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. Searchality does not charge job advert fees, or any hiring fees. Our fee structure is designed to be simple and affordable: you pay for the number of user accounts you need and can then recruit as many candidates as you like with no extra cost.

Start your free trial to discover everything you can achieve with Searchality.

This seems too good to be true. Am I missing something?

International school recruitment is mostly still run on a very old-fashioned model which started in the pre-internet era: paper CVs get shuffled around;  recruitment teams fly to expensive job events; staff wade through lists of job applicants searching for the right person. However, technology solves these problems. Our intelligent approach to recruitment helps you to find the right staff faster and our matching algorithms can work 24 hours a day to identify the best people to share with you. We don’t want or need to charge you ludicrous fees for this. We do a great job finding you great staff. This isn’t too good to be true: it’s the way recruitment should work.

Do you recruit all types of staff?

Yes, we help you to find staff from school leaders, to specialists, to general teachers just starting out in their careers. When you create your position descriptions you can specify the amount of experience, and the skills and extra-curricular capabilities that you need.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer any refunds. However, we offer a comprehensive free trial. You can create an account completely free. For 7 days you have full access to the site and can post as many Positions as you need, and can contact and hire candidates totally free. We believe you will be so pleased with our service that you can then extend into a paid account. Alternatively you can delete your account with nothing to pay.


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