Get matched to International School jobs worldwide

Searchality makes it simple to find your perfect school job. But how do we do it?

To find your perfect international school job, we need to know some important details about you. We can match you up for your ideal teaching, specialist or admin leader role as soon as we find out what you need:

1. Are you ready?

Your Availability date is really important. We don’t want to show you jobs that don’t fit your needs. But don’t worry too much about a precise date. If a school wants you on 1st August but you said you were busy till 8th, we still match you up (with 30 days flexibility). You can often discuss this with the school after they offer you the job. You can update your availability in the personal details section of your profile.

2. Do you have references completed?

References from your current or previous colleagues and managers are a critical prerequisite for most schools. In fact these are so important, that we don’t share your profile with a school until you have at least two references on file. You can invite more Referees in your account here.  We have made the process for reference completion simple and fast for your referees, so you don’t need to worry about burdening them.

3. Completing your digital CV

As you complete your profile we show you a % completion total. This is a quick and easy way for you to see how you’re getting on.

Practically though, schools need to know certain things about you:

  • your curriculum experience
  • your qualifications
  • your target positions and locations

Until we know these elements, it’s very hard to match you up to a job. We help schools find what they’re looking for. We can help you if you fill in more information.


To check your status on a phone, simply click the ⓘ information button at the top right of your screen:

4. Is your subscription ready?

As you know, everyone gets to try Searchality in full completely free for 7 days. During this time we will alert you as soon as we find jobs that fit your needs. After that we ask you to pay the low annual fee.

However, we don’t want these matches to stop completely as soon as you’re 7 days into your account creation! So we will continue to check if there are good jobs for you for a while longer. We don’t do this for long though: we don’t want to share your details with schools if, actually, you’ve found another job already. We don’t want you to get emails that are annoying, and we don’t want to tempt schools with your profile if they can’t have you!

So, to keep getting matched to jobs, check your account subscription is completed as soon as you can.