New candidates are ready to review

If we’ve recently emailed you to let you know that you have new candidates to review on your Matches dashboard, when you log in you will see cards like this.

Reviewing your candidates

To learn more about the candidate you can either click on

  • View Matching Details: this shows you a very short summary of the skills you said you ‘Must have’ and those that were ‘Nice to have’. (The % shown in the orange circle shows how close a fit they are to the profile you defined).
  • Candidate details: click anywhere else on the card and you can focus into the candidate’s full profile including experience, interests, references, photo and video.

Actions available

You can take 4 actions for the candidate by clicking on the  in the top corner of the card (example above).

  1. Proceed with this Candidate: we will then send them an email to share the vacancy details
  2. Save for later: use this if you do not want to talk to the candidate for this role, but might want to review them for other roles in future.  We have created a Talent Pool for your school for this purpose.
  3. Share candidate: use to send a message to another Searchality user at your school so that they know to review this person in particular.
  4. Not Interested: we will remove them from your Match list. (The candidate will not know they had temporarily been matched with you).