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Your questions about International School recruitment, answered

Here you will find a list of common questions about finding international school jobs abroad, and the simple process with Searchality.

(If you need information about hiring staff for you school, our questions and answers are here)

We hope you find what you’re looking for:

How does recruitment work with Searchality?

We use the power of technology to support schools in selecting and recruiting the best possible teachers for the vacant positions.
See here about how Searchality helps teachers and schools.

Do you support searches for leadership/admin roles as well as more junior staff?

Yes, Searchality helps international schools recruit for any level of role.

Schools can define a broad range of criteria when they search for candidates, whether these are for senior leadership/administrative roles; or for more junior staff including those just starting out in their teaching career. (Of course schools can define any quantity of different roles based on different criteria. Importantly this doesn’t cost a school any more. There are never any per-candidate hiring fees as we have designed Searchality to be different from the usual school recruitment approach).

On the candidate side, when you complete your profile you can build in anything relevant to your level of expertise.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can register here. It’s simple to build your profile and you will be able to see first-hand the types of criteria we can use to help schools find perfect candidates and candidates find great roles.

Do you run recruitment events or job fairs for international school teachers?

Searchality do not run recruitment events or job fairs.

Searchality is different.
We make life simpler for schools and teachers by using the power of technology to match great candidates with motivating roles.
We believe that with the technology available now, attending job fairs can be unnecessarily expensive and time consuming for schools and candidates.
We aim to deliver effective, quality recruitment at high speed and low cost, using our Searchality solutions platform, combined with the abilities of easily available video conferencing (such as Skype).
Click for more information about how our simple to use site helps teachers and schools.

How can I find a job in a specific country?

The beauty of using Searchality to find your next role is that you can specify exactly which regions or countries you would like to work in. (You can see a map showing the global reach of our current membership here).

So, whether you want to find a teaching job in Europe, the Middle East or Asia, or a leadership role in Dubai, Singapore, or Rome, you can tell us. If you are qualified to teach French and want to go to Africa, or you coach tennis and want to run the sports in Bangkok, you are in control.

If you haven’t created your profile yet, you can register free. Then, when you’re editing your profile, go to the Areas of Interest section and choose any that apply.

When schools are looking for candidates, they will filter based on your areas of interest. Obviously the broader your geographic selection, the more chance of being matched for a role.

If you’d like to know more about how Searchality helps schools and staff, have a look here, or get in contact with us below.

Which countries does Searchality work in?

Searchality works globally. Whether you’re recruiting for a secondary school in Thailand, or a teacher looking for work in the Middle East, a PYP coordinator looking for a new IB role in Asia, or an Australian PE teacher moving to Europe, it’s likely we can help!

You can see the global reach of our membership here. Because we work around the world, we can help to match great teachers to great schools anywhere.

For a teacher this makes it simple to find the perfect job for you. For schools we remove the complexity of finding and filtering the best candidates.

If you haven’t registered already, sign up now, and tell us how we can help you.

Can I have an interview on Skype?

Yes, we think video conferencing (such as Skype) is a great solution for international schools and staff.
This is why we ask for your Skype ID in your profile information.

For most teaching and administrative jobs our school clients tell us they would prefer to interview people by Skype (or similar).
We have also offered you the option to upload a photo and video of yourself to add further information to your profile.

For some senior roles you should also expect to be invited to a face-to-face discussion if you reach the final shortlist.
We do not believe that recruitment events or job fairs are the most efficient way to recruit large numbers of teachers.
Click for more information about how we help teachers and how we help schools.

If you don’t have a Skype account yet, you can create one free. Download Skype here.

How are references collected?

We use a customized “blind” reference system to ensure confidentiality and reliability.

You can see more about this system here.

The Searchality system will annually validate and update the references and contact details for you. (So candidates and schools don’t have to do this manually).

How quickly can I expect to find a job?

The hiring for international schools is year-round, and very fluid.
While most hires are made between January and March (for jobs to start in August), there is a lot of recruitment that occurs outside this peak period.
There are also a number of schools running on the southern hemisphere calendar (January-November), or schools that have emergency recruitment needs.
If you are signing up within the peak months (December-March), we would expect you to receive matches/opportunities reasonably quickly.  If you are signing up before or after these months, it might take a little bit more time to find the right opportunity.

How much does it cost for annual membership?

Our pricing will always be low as we believe schools and staff have been charged far too much for recruitment services for far too long.

Our approach is different.

You can find out more about how we help teachers, leaders and specialists here and our support for schools here.

You can see our latest low prices for candidates and for schools on our pricing pages.

Do I need a degree to teach at international schools?

Different schools and countries will have different requirements.
However, it will be virtually impossible to get a job in an international school without a relevant degree or teaching certification: either the school will require one, or the country will require one for you to qualify for a visa.
Some schools or countries may accept non-teaching degrees, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to be a native English speaker to teach abroad?

The majority of international schools around the world use English as the primary language.
Fluent English is therefore almost always a requirement. Native English speaking is generally only a requirement for teaching the English language.
Unless you are employed to teach a specific language (French, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.) it is likely you will need to be fluent in English.
You can add all your language capabilities in your profile, and schools will search for the language skills they need.

If you haven’t signed up to create a profile, just click here. It’s easy and free to get started.

What benefits are likely?

Most international schools will include the following benefits in the packages.
Exact details will vary by school.

  1. Flights to your home country once a year for your and your accompanying family
  2. Medical insurance
  3. Income tax is sometimes paid on your behalf
  4. Tuition for some or all of your accompanying children
  5. Professional development
  6. Accommodation can be included, but not always, either in the form of an allowance or in school owned/leased properties
    • Sometimes this is exclusively for your use, and sometimes shared.
    • Shared accommodation can be a great way to form friendships especially if you are new to the country and on your own

You can confirm your family structure and size in your Profile.
If you haven’t signed up to create a profile, just click here. It’s easy and free to get started.

Will the school pay for my children to attend?

Most international schools will provide free or subsidised education for the children of their teaching staff.
There are frequently some criteria or limits to this (e.g. age of children, number of children per teacher etc.)
Specific detail for this and other benefits will be available for any school with whom you ‘match’ for a position.
You can confirm your family structure in your profile.
If you haven’t signed up to create a profile, just click here. It’s easy and free to get started.

Who pays for flights to the new school?

Payment for flights varies from school to school.
It is possible that the new school will fly you and your accompanying family members from your current country to the new country.
They are likely to include a limited shipment or allowance (by sea or similar – depending on distance) for your personal belongings.
You can clarify these details when you interview with the school after successfully matching their requirements.

How much holiday will I get?

Schools will clearly state the mandatory contact days, non-contact days, and leave allowances (holiday, personal, sick, bereavement etc.).
The variations will be based around local country laws and practices, as well as the school’s own policies.
This information will be available for any school with whom you ‘match’ for a position.
Senior management and administrative staff will generally have a higher number of working days per year than teachers.
Your school will be able to confirm this for you very early in the recruitment process.

Will schools provide medical insurance?

Most schools will provide private medical insurance as well as a number of other valuable benefits for you and your accompanying family members.
Specific detail for this and for other benefits will be available for any school with whom you ‘match’ for a position.

My spouse teaches too. What impact does that have?

Many schools value teaching partners, and see this is an asset for building a strong community at the school, as well as being helpful on accommodation planning. You can provide the details of your spouse in your profile creation. For your spouse’s full profile to be viewable by a school, they will need to sign up as well.

Schools generally look first to hire the ‘right’ candidate, regardless of marital status or partner’s occupation.
There is no guarantee that both of you will be able to find roles at the same school in the same year.
You may like to consider which countries you are targetting. Those with a higher number of international schools may offer the best options.
You can specify your country preferences in your profile.

Be aware that:
– not all countries recognise same gender marriages despite their status in your home country
– common-law or civil unions are also not recognised by some countries, and might present challenges for visas and accommodation arrangements

Schools will be taking visa requirement criteria into account to not waste your time (or theirs) if there is a criteria requirement that you can’t meet for some reason. Any match that you receive will have already factored this in based on the details you entered in your profile.

I am not getting any job matches. What can I do?

If you are not getting matched to international school jobs yet, first of all check that your profile is as complete as possible. If your profile is missing key information, schools might be selecting other matched candidates with whom to proceed. If you are already registered with us, you can login to your profile pages. The 100% status lets you know that schools have complete information on your experience, expectations and interests to be able to match their vacancies with your suitability.

If you are are not getting any matches, it could be that your targeted geography is too specific and schools in that area are not posting positions that match with your experience and profile. Try widening your geographic search.
Do contact us and we can check for you whether it is ‘us’ (in the unlikely event our members’ platform is experiencing issues) or ‘you’ and how you have completed your profile. We will work with you to get you matched!

How long does it take to find an international teaching job?

There are estimated to be around 900,000 international teaching jobs in the world, and this is expanding every year. (Read why)
Great teachers are in demand.

As you may know there are some key seasonal peaks in recruitment (when current teachers move on, and others start looking for roles).
The timing of this varies by region. This key period is commonly toward the end of the calendar year and start of the next.
You should aim to keep your profile as up to date as possible (including your availability date) to help schools match their vacancies to you.

There may be some minimum qualification levels.
If you are very early in your career (e.g. less than 2 years qualified experience), or only have a TEFL qualification, we are unlikely to find a match for you yet.
However, you can remain registered with us and you can update your profile in due course.

Some teachers may be matched with roles almost immediately. For others it might take months.
See our advice here if you are not yet getting enough suitable matches.

Where can I see a list of available international teaching jobs?

Searchality is different. We use technology to make school recruitment simpler for all.  We do not publish lists of vacancies for teachers to review.

We do this to make the process faster and simpler for everyone concerned. We know that teachers find it frustrating sending off applications and never getting replies. We know that big schools receive literally thousands of applications with no time to filter and reply to all.

Advanced machine learning and intelligence can help everyone involved. Our bespoke Searchality matching solutions find qualified candidates for schools. Schools can review the profiles of matching teachers, and teachers are invited to interview (often by Skype).

Find out more here about how we help teachers and help schools.

The first step is to create your profile. If you haven’t done that yet, register now. It’s free and simple to get started.

Will my current school see that I am looking for a new job?

The only time that schools get to see a list of candidates is when a candidate “matches” for a possible position. Schools cannot simply browse a complete list of candidates registered with Searchality. (In other words, schools see suitable candidate only if the combination of skills, interests, and experience match what the school needs for a vacancy).

We have designed the system so that candidates should not match with any position at their current school of employment. This is to protect your confidentiality as a candidate. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your school will never discover that you are looking for a role via Searchality, we have designed our systems to aim to ensure this does not happen.

For example:
School A is advertising a job. Candidate is working for School A. Even though the Candidate is in every other detail a perfect match for the role, s/he will not be presented as a match and School A will not be shown any details of Candidate.  Based on user feedback, we will also introduce optional additions in future versions, allowing candidates to list schools that they don’t want to match with (e.g. past employers etc.).

If you need any more advice on this, please do contact us on the link below.

Does Searchality work for all types of curriculum?
We are 100% international, including any curricula taught within international schools.
When you create your candidate profile, you will see that you can enter all the curricula you have experience with.
Schools can search for teachers based on their teaching and curriculum backgrounds.
When you are matched with schools, you will also be able to clearly see what curricula they teach (by division) and opt out of a match if you are not interested in that school.
So whether you teach in the British, IB, American, Canadian. Montessori or any other curriculum, Searchality can help Schools to find you, and for you to find your next perfect job!  Our business spans the globe. You can see a map of our recent users here.
How is Searchality different from traditional school recruitment solutions?

We’ve designed Searchality to be different so that we can properly solve the many problems of current international school recruitment.

If you’ve ever looked for a teaching job abroad, or tried to find suitable staff for a role in your school, you already know some of the challenges. Find out more and have a look at how we’ve solved these problems for candidates and for schools.

Which countries does Searchality work in?

Searchality works globally. Whether you’re recruiting for a secondary school in Thailand, or a teacher looking for work in the Middle East, a PYP coordinator looking for a new IB role in Asia, or an Australian PE teacher moving to Europe, it’s likely we can help!

You can see the global reach of our membership here. Because we work around the world, we can help to match great teachers to great schools anywhere.

For a teacher this makes it simple to find the perfect job for you. For schools we remove the complexity of finding and filtering the best candidates.

If you haven’t registered already, sign up now, and tell us how we can help you.

Who created Searchality?

Searchality was created by three friends with significant experience of international schools.

We built the company to help teachers, staff and international schools. It matters to our family, our friends, and our children to help motivated schools find the right teachers.

Find out more about us

Can I work with Searchality?

We’d love to hear from you!

Do contact us.

You can read more about the founding team here (three friends keen to solve a problem for schools and teachers).

If we’re not recruiting right now, it might simply be that we haven’t realised what value you could add. Do get in contact. We love talking to inspiring people. Who knows where it might lead.

How can I access the site? Do you have an app?

We have built our website so that you can access it from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

We do think you will find it easier to enter your information and create your profile using a larger screen and keyboard (i.e. a computer). However, any notifications (for example when there are matches to review) will come to your normal email address and you can open them on your phone.

We all love apps though, and plan to make a specific phone app available in the coming year. (If you have a specific need and want us to ensure we build it into the functionality, please do get in contact here).

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