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Searchality makes recruitment faster and simpler.

Using customised algorithms we take the work out of recruitment for hard-to-resource globally mobile jobs.

  • Fast for recruiters and candidates
  • Efficient and effective, but simple to use
  • Affordable: algorithmic matching removes labor overheads

Most recruitment is still very labor-intensive. Our solution applies technology to finding the right people for jobs, fast. This substantially reduces overheads: no more time spent filtering CVs – more time spent interview the best shortlist.

Save Time. Save Money. Get Results Faster.


1. Tech Platform

Our technology platform has been designed for scale. We can almost instantly (milliseconds!) identify suitable candidates that match perfectly for jobs. This works brilliantly because Schools are able to define their needs very precisely.
If you have candidates or jobs, you can licence our technologies and benefit from hugely reduced overheads on recruitment processes.

2. JV / Acquisition

Scale matters in global recruitment. Our members are already in 160 countries worldwide, but combining resources – the most schools and the most candidates – gives even stronger results for all

If you invest directly, it’s useful to know that we have UK HMRC Advance Assurance for SEIS and EIS fundraising. Our innovative technology already receives tax credits as part of HMRC’s incentives for companies investing in Research & Development.

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Our members are global

Workforces are global. So are we. Our members are in virtually every country worldwide. Together we can help even more people.

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Strong profiles for finding candidates

We attract and work with well qualified candidates. Our tools help schools to profile and select the right candidate for each vacancy.

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International Teacher Magazine recently contained an article about how we put this to work for our initial marketplace (international schools and teachers). Read the article here.

Our candidates’ ages and years of experience are extremely relevant to our school recruiter members

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Please explore our site to find out more about how Searchality helps schools and staff.

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