An International recruitment platform that’s simply scalable and can be customised. Focussed initially on international schools.


Searchality helps to match candidates with vacancies.

Using customised algorithms we take the work out of recruitment for hard-to-resource globally mobile jobs.

  • Fast for recruiters and candidates
  • Efficient and effective, but simple to use
  • Affordable: algorithmic matching removes labor overheads


Searchality is live, and trading.

We are already helping our members in more than 160 countries and have demonstrated a clear demand for our services; an ability to deliver a solution that is better than the alternatives.

Searchality will scale through further investment.

We are approved by the UK’s HMRC with Advance Assurance for SEIS and EIS fundraising. Our innovative technology already receives tax credits as part of HMRC’s incentives for companies investing in Research & Development. Further investments will help to scale through current and future sectors.

For more details of this business proposal and the investment details, please do watch our introductory video. We’ll also be very happy to send you our detailed investment overview: our proposal demonstrates a 12* Return on Investment over 5 years.  

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Video introduction:


Our members are global

Workforces are global. So are we. Our members (currently focussed only on international schools) are in virtually every country worldwide.

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Our members are qualified

We have already attracted well qualified, recruitable candidates to our global platform. Initially we are focussed on serving the needs of international schools and teachers:

Searchality member qualifications

International Teacher Magazine recently contained an article about how we put this to work for our initial marketplace (international schools and teachers). Read the article here.

Our candidates’ ages and years of experience are extremely relevant to our school recruiter members

Searchality member years of experience

Profile of Searchality members where they have shared this information

Please do explore our site to find out more about how Searchality helps schools and staff. If you would like a copy of our investment presentation, please do contact us.

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