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Searchality helps teachers, school leaders, and specialists to find great jobs in international schools in Europe and around the world.

The map on this page shows where our members in Europe have been based over the last year.

However, Searchality is a truly global community of international schools, teachers and staff. To see everywhere we work, have a look here.

Find out more below and discover how easy it is to tell us where you’d like to work and what job you’d like to do.

We’ve made it brilliantly simple for you to customize your job search.
You can pick a country (e.g. Switzerland), a set of countries (Switzerland, England, France) or broaden to a whole region (Europe) or group of continents.
You are also able to search for multiple roles. If you’re looking for a role teaching secondary students Maths but are also well qualified for a broader range of subjects or ages, or for a mix of Admin and Teaching roles, you tell us and we’ll look to find you the perfect match.

Members in Europe


Discover how Searchality can help you find your next international school job in Europe

We operate all over Europe and around the world. So whether you’d like your next school job to be amongst the mountains and lakes of Switzerland, the classical architecture of Paris, or the grandeur of the Czech Republic, we can help you.

Choosing a school is much more than simply the continent, country or city, but the variety of options across Europe provide broad ranges of professional development as well as easy access to some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. We work with International Schools globally and across Europe, with no limits.

Even if you don’t instantly find a job in your dream location, you can simply change your search criteria. With international schools across the globe, you might find the perfect school or role where you least expect it!

To find out how easy it is to get started with Searchality, simply click here.

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