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We’ve built Searchality to be the fastest, simplest, most affordable way for international school teachers to find new jobs worldwide.

Your seven day free trial has no restrictions  – so that you can see how good Searchality is.

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During your free trial period you can:

  • Update your profile to share your skills, experience, and professional interests
  • Invite at least two people to provide a reference for you
  • Get seen by schools worldwide

Schools describe their vacant positions and we help to find perfect candidates to match. We review our global database almost 50 times a day. If your profile and experience match the school’s needs, we will share your digital CV with them instantly.

There are two things you can do to increase your chances of finding your perfect international school job:

Add Referees

Add at least two referees. Schools will be able to see these confidential references when they review you.

We cannot show your profile to schools unless you have at least two references submitted

Complete your profile

Fill in details of your skills, experience, and professional interests.

Schools are looking for a broad range of subject areas, experience levels, and specializations and our member schools are spread across the world. Therefore, the more information you can add about you, the better. It’s more likely you will be matched for jobs if your profile is 100% complete.

At the end of your free trial, we’ll ask you to add your payment details to pay the low (€30) annual fee. We will then continue to compare your needs with school vacancies every single day to help you find your perfect job!

If this isn’t enough, tell us what else you need from us. We promise that we review all suggestions. Submit an idea here.

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