Searchality was built to be different: a simple, efficient solution that helps international schools and teachers.
Our careers in International Schools, technology, and business provide a unique set of experiences, perfect for understanding and solving the problems that schools and teachers had been facing. Our advisory board reinforces this expertise.

The founding team: global experience and international school knowledge

We have collectively lived in 12 countries and been closely connected to over 9 international schools as employees, consultants, and customers.  We have countless international school teachers and administrators within our family, friends and professional networks.

We understand the challenges faced by international schools trying to hire the best possible staff, and by the teachers, administrators and specialists looking to work abroad.  With a growing number of schools spread across every corner of the globe, and an increasingly limited number of teachers coming into the field, this problem will only increase.

Searchality co-founder

Beth is the CEO of Searchality and has a life time of experience with international schools – attending 3 as a student, working/consulting with 2 schools in SE Asia, and now as a spouse of an international school administrator, with 2 children in attendance.  Her career in marketing and technology combined to create a passion and expertise to help international schools meet the challenges of recruitment.

Alison is a Vice President at Amity Education group and has spent 7 years working with additional education clients across the middle east. She is a former head of marketing for GEMS education, as well as a Vice President at PepsiCo in Asia

Searchality co-founder

Paris is CMO of Searchality. He has a marketing and strategy background helping organisations to grow globally. He has lived in 7 countries and worked to help teams in more than 20 across America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

See this article in International Teacher Magazine to find out more about why Searchality was created.

Dedicated advisors: industry experts with years of global experience

Our founding team is supported by a board of advisors with 100 years of combined experience

Tony Eysele has more than 35 years’ teaching experience including leadership roles in 6 schools across 2 continents.  More latterly he was Chairman of the England and Scotland International Schools Heads Committee and Chief Academic Officer for GEMS Africa. Tony has a deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s school heads, and is well connected to school networks particularly across Europe and Africa.

Niall Nelson has 40 years of school leadership experience across 7 countries. He has also served as Chief Academic Officer for global schools group, GEMS; as Honorary Irish Consul to Indonesia; and as Chairman of Global Schools Management.

Ian Casey is a 20+ year Silicon Valley veteran where he was the co-founder of one of the largest executive recruitment businesses prior to its acquisition. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of a TravelTech company and an owner of two specialty recruitment firms in the USA and Europe.

You make it better: built with the support of our members

Our team is strengthened by our global database of users (shown in this map) who trust us every year to improve their international school recruitment prospects. Thank you to you too.

We are in constant contact with our users, schools and candidates. We will be in contact with you to check how things are going! Let us know if there are further improvements you’d like to see. Already Searchality is the result of thousands of hours of input from many experienced and talented people. Your expertise, finding the right job, and recruiting the right staff, helps us to help even more people.

If you need something, please do contact us.

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