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Easing Recruitment for Schools and Teachers

Designed exclusively for K-12 education, Searchality makes hiring easier for schools and job searches smoother for teachers, both in the US and Internationally.

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Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in K-12

While schools struggle with high turnover, lack of qualified candidates, and lengthy hiring processes, teachers strive to find opportunities that match their skills and preferences. This combination often results in frustration, inefficiencies, and lost time for both parties.

Let Beth show you how Searchality can help your school.  We have different solutions for US and International Schools


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Beth Owen
Founder/ CEO


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Find Your Perfect Match

Finding the right fit requires a combination of art and science. While you focus on searching for your ideal candidate or role, we’ll deal with the technical side, using proprietary algorithms and AI to match qualified educators with current job openings – and vice versa, both for US and International schools.

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Create Rich Profiles

Searchality automatically creates detailed profiles for teachers and school s– complete with every needed detail, including experience and qualifications. Our teacher databases, continually expanding through partnerships like We Are Teachers, onsist of thousands of candidate profiles, including:

  • Local Teacher Database: Educators seeking opportunities within the U.S.
  • International Teacher Database: Educators seeking opportunities abroad.

Teachers, ready to stand out in the crowd?

Create your International or US digital profile (or both) and enhance your visibility in the education job market. Show your skills, experience, and preferences to US and international schools actively seeking candidates.

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Download Our Exclusive Guide

Transform your teacher recruitment strategy with our essential toolkit for K-12 independent and international schools. Addressing the critical teacher hiring crisis, this practical guide offers actionable strategies for crafting compelling job offers, promoting vacancies, and engaging with your community to attract top candidates.

Equip your School Leaders, HR team, and Digital Marketers with the latest insights and techniques to enhance your recruitment efforts.

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A Faster Way To Apply

Searchality simplifies the application process for all by integrating directly with your school's website and recruitment software. By adding our widget to your page, candidates can apply for open roles in just a few clicks. We connect job postings with qualified candidates who are genuinely interested and minimize time spent on other applicants.

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Efficient Year-Round Recruitment

Faculty recruitment has turned into a year-round venture, and Searchality helps you effectively use your website to stay ahead of both US and International school hiring.

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Whether you’re looking to learn more about our platform, our affordable pricing model, or our mission in general, we are here to help.