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Meet the People Behind Searchality

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Why Searchality? 

Schools & teachers never had the benefit of a strong, effective online professional network to connect them for recruitment purposes. Searchality’s platform focuses on helping schools find qualified teachers, and teachers find roles that match their job-search requirements. Both sides often have specific recruitment criteria such as experience, curriculum, subjects, or credentials, and any technological solution ready to meet those requirements needs to be bespoke and built by people with a good understanding of their needs. So, that's what we've done! 

Beth Owen

Founder/ CEO

Why now? 

First, the teacher recruitment crisis has reached a breaking point, with growing recruitment needs, a shortage of qualified teachers, and budget constraints making the process increasingly difficult. Not to mention the supply/demand factor, with teachers leaving the field in large numbers. Second, since the pandemic, schools and teachers have become more open and adaptable to technological solutions than ever. The timing is perfect for a new and innovative approach to teacher recruitment.


Why you?

My professional background is in marketing, communications, and technology, and my career and personal life have been tied to international schools for decades. I attended one growing up, married an international school teacher/administrator, and managed marketing & communications at a premier school for a few years. The idea to build a recruitment solution was first born in 2018, primarily for international schools, but the pandemic cut that journey short. When the opportunity presented itself to adapt Searchality for the US K-12 market, the timing was perfect.

Industry experts behind Searchality 

Behind Searchality platform is a passionate team of professionals, dedicated to revolutionizing the recruitment process for K-12 schools and educators. 

Alongside tech and marketing experts, we're currently building a Board of Advisers featuring some of the most experienced and influential education leaders in the industry.  Meet our first adviser, Jerry Larson.  Jerry’s unparalleled knowledge and experience in school recruitment has been influential in shaping Searchality.

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Why Searchality?

In the increasing competition for talented teachers, I believe Searchality will allow schools to take a proactive approach to recruitment by developing a pipeline of qualified candidates before the need arises. Searchality provides an opportunity to cultivate relationships with candidates in a manner that aligns with today’s workforce.

Dr. Jerry Larson


What makes Searchality different?

It is designed specifically for K-12 schools & educators - collecting all the information and criteria that this unique group of school leaders and candidates need. Education recruitment is unlike any other sector and needs to be treated as such.

Searchality is built using technology to assist and not replace the human job of recruiting great teachers. After all, recruitment is a mix of art & science. Searchality takes care of the 'science' so that people can spend their time on the 'art.'

Searchality works hard on behalf of schools AND educators. Traditional recruitment products and services are often transactional, focusing on resumes - not the individual needs of the school - and, all too often, ignore the candidates. Searchality is designed for both, understanding that giving candidates a good recruitment experience (whether the outcome is ultimately positive or negative) is good for everyone.

K-12 Teacher recruitment has never been easier

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