Our school is part of a group/district - can we share an account?

Yes, Searchality understands how some school groups & districts share recruitment resources and have created account types/workflows to support these.

How do you find qualified teachers?

Searchality uses a combination of targeted communication & marketing tools and strategies, with a detailed candidate profiling system to easily and clearly display candidate qualifications - including references - for schools.

How many people at our school can use the Searchality account?

There is no limit. We understand that hiring a new educator can sometimes involve a number of stakeholders at a school.  We have created workflows and different user roles to adapt to our member schools’ needs.

Are there any set-up fees?

We charge a one-time set-up fee of $1000 that includes overseeing the integration of the website and also supports vacancy posting and customer onboarding over the first few months of your school’s membership.

How long does it take to set-up our school Searchality account?

Minutes. The account creation is extremely straightforward - additional schools and users can be added at any point throughout your membership.  Vacancies can also be created very quickly with our user-friendly vacancy-builder.  There is a quick integration process with your school website which will display your vacancies.  Our Searchality Customer Support team will work with your school’s website manager to get this working quickly.  From our side, this also just takes a few minutes.

What does Searchality cost?

For a single school, a subscription to Searchality that includes unlimited vacancy posting is $2500.  There are cost-savings for groups & districts.  

Please look at our Pricing Page for details

Can we change our plan later?

School groups can easily add more schools to their plans at any time in their subscription.

What if we need a plan for less than a year?

Recruitment in schools is not as seasonal as it used to be.  We have set-up annual plans as ‘standard’, so our members can experience the value of year-round recruitment.  Our pricing is set to prevent budget being an obstacle to this approach.

What if we want to cancel?

We have a money-back guaranteed free trial period of 30 days for new customers.  After that our Customer Service team is here to support our school customers.  Please reach out to support@searchality.com for help in closing your account.

Can we integrate Searchality with our existing HR system?

We have not yet built standard integrations, as we are not sure what schools will want/need and in what format.  We are certainly open to supporting these in the future.

Can we set-up Searchality alone?

Yes, if one of our schools commits to integrating the platform with its website and starts posting vacancies without needing our support, we are happy to provide the necessary links/instructions and refund the set-up fee.

How many teachers do you have in your database?

We are focused on building our teacher database and are signing up teachers every day. Please speak with one of our account team for up-to-date numbers.

What schools do you have as members?

Our member schools are growing every day.  We are building a registry page on our website to share with our customers - watch this space!

What kind of schools do you work for?

Searchality is built to work with any K-12 school - we have workflows set-up for all ‘types’ -  Independent, Public, Faith-based, etc.

How long does it take to set-up my profile?

Searchality has prioritized ease of use for our users, and a profile should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We do require an uploaded Education Statement (a requirement by most schools), so if you need to create one, that will take a bit longer.  We also have the option of an uploaded introduction video (which schools love!), so if you would like to create one to include on your profile that will also take a bit of time.

How much would Searchality cost me?

Searchality has a free membership for teachers that includes the creation and ‘hosting’ of your digital resume that will allow you to apply for our school members’ vacancies in a few minutes.  This level of membership will always be free.  In addition, we will offer a paid plan that will search for vacancies that match your declared criteria.  This membership plan will be available later in 2023 and cost $35/year.

What if I need a plan for less than a year?

For the paid plan, we have created an annual subscription at a low, affordable price so that teachers don’t need to think about renewals on a monthly basis.  Schools are now recruiting year-round, and we want teachers to be discoverable/available as soon as schools post vacancies, so we have fixed the plans as ‘annual’.

What if I want to cancel?

You can close and delete your account at any time, and cancel the paid plan at any time.  Similar to other subscriptions, you will have access to the paid services up until your year is finished, at which point your account will revert to the free version.

Will my data be private and safe?

We take security and privacy extremely seriously - please see our full Privacy Policy for the details

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