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Connecting educators directly with schools, Searchality puts an end to old-fashioned application processes and the need to fill out dozens of identical forms. Build your profile, generate your CV, and find your perfect match,  whether you’re looking for positions in the US or Internationally.

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Look Your Best

Searchality creates attractive CVs designed to catch the eye of your dream schools. Give us your personal details, experience, and qualifications, and we will handle the rest.


Saves You Time

By syncing our member schools directly with our platform, Searchality expedites the application process like never before.

Whether you’re seeking a job close to home or exploring opportunities internationally, simply log in to your profile, select the school and vacancy you’re interested in, and click apply.

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Tracks Your Progress

Searchality provides complete visibility of your entire application process – notifying you as your application passes through each school’s hiring process. 

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Let Us Do The Searching

Making applications easier than ever before, Searchality’s Matching feature – coming soon – identifies open positions at member schools that you are a perfect candidate for.

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Your job search made simpler & smarter.

Searchality is designed to make job searches easier than ever before. Create your profile and let us show you how simple our process is.

To apply for positions at international schools, build your international profile. For opportunities at US schools, create a separate profile on the US platform, as the search criteria differ.

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